Our Philosophy

We’re all bound by a thread of passion

At the TMGA D Y Patil Sports Centre, we’re driven by one emotion – our love for sports. We truly believe in the power of sports to shape a brighter tomorrow and bring a community together. Be it a budding champion or a veteran of the game; a celebrated coach or just an ardent fan of the sport, everybody who loves sport is bound by one thread, the thread of passion. Passion for the game, passion for the craft, passion for a team, passion for a player, passion for the sheer joy of playing.

At the TMGA D Y Patil Sports Centre, you will see us bound by this thread of passion too. We’re as passionate about accelerating the growth of sports in India as we are about serving our patrons with absolute integrity. All in all, we’re deeply passionate about making the TMGA D Y Patil Sports Centre a delightful experience for everyone.

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