TMGA and TMGA D Y Patil Sports Centre are committed to the health, safety and well-being of all members, staff and visitors of the facilities. We passionately want to provide all, without discrimination, the opportunity to participate in sport and recreation at world-class facilities within the world-class infrastructure.

As a society, attitudes and patterns of behaviour are changing, especially with the considerations, impact and repercussions of  COVID-19, TMGA has made the decision to issue a Code of Conduct to all TMGA users when within, or connected to, the Sports Centre, and therefore require all members, users (including guests and visitors) and staff to thereby agree to fully abide by its contents.

When training or using the Sports Centre, allowing all users the opportunity to participate without fear or prejudice or discriminatory behaviour towards them is vitally important. Everyone’s behaviour on-site, in actions, language and attitude, as well as their conduct and following of etiquettes, will not only influence their own experience but that of fellow users too.

TMGA’s ethos is based around 3 core areas:

  1. Using sport and recreation as part of being a fit and healthy person
  2. People being good global citizens,
  3. All people being treated with equality and with respect.

This is the reason why our terms and conditions, codes of conduct, policies and all procedures are established with depth and detail. This helps set up every individuals expectation and helps us maintain these standards, and uphold everyone’s experience expectations.

The principles that underpin this Code of Conduct are:

  • The user’s safety and wellbeing is paramount.
  • All users, whatever their age, culture, disability, gender, language, racial origin, religious belief or sexual identity have the right to protection from abuse.
  • All users have the right to be safe and treated with dignity and respect.
  • Your attitude, actions and behaviour has a direct impact on other people’s experience within the Sports Centre.

Any breach of this Code may lead to the member, visitor or guest being warned as to their future conduct or in more serious cases being suspended or barred from attending a TMGA Sports Centre. Where there are more serious breaches of discipline within this Code, a person may be asked to leave the Sports Centre with immediate effect.

A Disciplinary Procedure is available upon request.

TMGA agree to:

  • Provide each user and with their guests with high class facilities and infrastructure.
  • Treat everyone, including its members, visitors, guests, staff and contractors, with dignity and respect.
  • Make every effort to develop the people within our organisation to be better in their role and as people.
  • Ensure our paperwork and administration is in the highest order to offer all parties security and clarity.
  • Set a positive example for others, particularly our members.
  • Give all users and staff the opportunity to share their views without fear of discrimination or retaliation.
  • Listen to our membership and guest’s experience when they have feedback to offer, and act accordingly to implement changes, where needed, to improve and positively develop.
  • Implement protocols and procedures, including repairing and maintenance, to ensure not only an enjoyable and fulfilling experience within the facility and with our equipment, but also to ensure personal safety for each user/visitor.
  • Work from senior management level to contractors, through each department, to ensure growth and improvement of our services and offerings.
  • Handle all issues on safeguarding and child protection with immediate care and severity as we action our safeguarding and child protection policies and procedures.

TMGA members, guest’s, visitors, agree to:

  • Use the facilities and its infrastructure, including its possessions and equipment, with respect and in a way they were intended to be used.
  • Behave with integrity and awareness towards others at all times.
  • Treat all other users and all members of staff with dignity and respect.
  • Leave the Sports Centre and its equipment in the same condition as you found it or better.
  • Place all rubbish into the appropriate bins and re-use or recycle as much as possible to reduce the filling of landfill.
  • Avoid single-use plastic where possible.
  • Listen to and take on board guidance given by the TMGA employees or other users.
  • Abide by the spirit, as well as the expected behaviours of these, and all other TMGA policies, guidelines and Codes.
  • Help TMGA improve and positively develop by offering your feedback in constructive ways. Including sharing of positive experiences and areas for future development.
  • Behave and dress in an appropriate manner (both when in training or when within the Sports Centre’s non-sporting provisions). This includes wearing appropriate clothing and footwear to provide the right levels of support for the activity you are participating in. These guidelines, are to ensure that you wear something that not only makes you comfortable but also other users comfortable too.
  • Wear clothing that does not have any rude or discriminatory slogans, phrases, images or icons.
  • Be considerate of use of phones as to not distract you from your sporting participation and to not, interfere with other’s experience in a negative way.
  • Play music in personal headphones only, and not from personal speaker. And at a level that cannot be heard by users alongside you.
  • Not take or be under the influence of alcohol or any other stimulant or harmful substance whilst participating in TMGA Sports Centre.
  • Use tobacco, or e-cigarettes only in designated areas.
  • Not use foul and abusive language when within the Sports
  • To aim to be a good global citizen. (Further information regarding characteristics of global citizen can be found on the TMGA website)

TMGA members, guests and all users and members of staff are to be proud of the organisations and people they are representing as well as the opportunities they are presented with. All users when onsite or within TMGA facilities and provisions, are expected to uphold these standards. This is evidenced by showing the following behaviours:


Pride in TMGA, D Y Patil, and the TMGA Sports Centre and what it stands for

Pride in the achievements of Sachin Tendulkar, Middlesex Cricket, Dr Vijay Patil and the D Y Patil organisations.

Pride in being a part of TMGA and the TMGA D Y Patil partnership and your role in upholding its values for the betterment of your experience and that of others.


Show honesty and integrity

Show character and be a good global citizen

Show self-discipline and awareness to the needs of others


Participate with passion and enjoyment

Show respect

Be a custodian and leave the Sports Centre and its facilities in a better way

Be a positive part of TMGA and our community


Participate in the sport and try out a number of different sporting provisions

Ask for support or help if trying something new – we have support to help

Help others where help is needed