We take our policies and procedures with the highest level of importance. They are there to offer all, especially that of young people and children and/or vulnerable people or people with disabilities, to give them a safe, secure and relaxing environment.


  • We want people to feel relaxed, comfortable, safe and secure while within the Sports Centre for a premier customer experience.
  • Safety and health of all users, including (but not limited to) members, guests, visitors and staff, is of paramount importance and we aim to ensure this at all times.
  • For the all visitors, users and staff to treat, and be treated with respect of their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, without prejudice of age, race or racial heritage, gender orientation, sexual preference, political, cultural or spiritual views.
  • We do not hold responsibility of injury (other than where we are negligent), nor are we held accountable for loss of your belongings/property.


Due to the nature of a changing room, especially ours at TMGA D Y Patil Sports Centre, that are used by families, people of all ages, members, guests, and TMGA’s Academy cricketers because they are mixed purpose with toilets, showers, changing area for use for all sporting provisions in the Sports Centre including the Gym, Swimming pools, and cricket training facilities on the Nursery Grounds. It is therefore imperative that procedures are set in place to provide a safe, secure and functional place to help us execute our responsibility of safeguarding and duty of care for all when on site.

We strictly require all users including (by not limited to) members, guests, visitors, staff and contractors, to understand, follow and uphold these vital behaviour and usage guidelines.

In each changing room area, there are open changing spaces, individual shower cubicles, family (with baby changing table) and disability changing cubicles.

For note of this policy, children are referred to as all people aged 17 or under, unless otherwise stated.

There is an inherent risk of personal privacy and to safeguarding children posed by smartphones and photography/filming equipment. We therefore state, no use of mobile phones or photography or filming equipment within the changing or washrooms – without exception. For further information on photographs, filming and streaming within the sports centre, please see the Photography, filming and streaming policy with appendixes to Terms and conditions. Copies can also be found on the website or from the main Reception.

Our changing rooms are not governed for a specific use, however, we expect for the changing rooms by the Sports Café will more likely be used for Swimming Pool usage and that of Basketball, Rink football and TMGA cricket players using the Nursery Grounds, where the Changing/Washrooms by Lounge 2, will more likely be used for the Performance Centre Gym, Badminton and Lawn Tennis.

This policy and procedure are applicable to the Locker Rooms, Changing Rooms and Washrooms.

Changing facilities are stipulated as Men’s for male-only, and Women’s for female only. If your gender orientation does not fit into either one of these categories, then please do communicate in confidence with our staff or management and we will make alternative arranges for you to comfortable experience TMGA D Y Patil Sports Centre and all its facilities.

Children under the age of 8 can be in the changing room of the opposite gender with their parental or guardianship support.

Children over 8 allowed in changing room on their own – in line with their gender orientation.

Please note, however, that from time to time, there will be a need for specific usage restrictions or guidance change, thus resulting in overriding guidance being issued. This change will be communicated to members electronically prior to arrival to initiation of this procedure, and there will be new signage place at the entrance of each changing room. Any notices, placed by TMGA management, at or on the entrance to changing room space, will be overridden to any previously printed guidance.

If you need a specific provision, that you feel you cannot receive due to the changing room procedure change, then please do contact a member of staff.

Where parents are responsible for their children they must appropriately supervise them (or, where there is an agreement with the child’s parent for their relative’s or friend’s children, this constitutes a private arrangement outside the responsibilities of the activity organisers or Sports Centre’s).

Parents and carers have the responsibility to ensure that their children are appropriately supervised while they are attending the facility. It is the parents’ responsibility to judge whether it is safe and appropriate to allow their unaccompanied child to visit the sports centre.

Please do everything you can to keep our facility clean and organised. Please place rubbish in bins or take your rubbish home with you.

TMGA are passionate about being Good Global Citizens. Please help us by doing what you can to help the environment. A few small changes will make a big impact. Please try to:

  • Place all rubbish in the correct bins and recycle where possible
  • Avoid any single-use plastic

When using our robes and towels, please do enjoy them, then place them in the return bins. Excessive and unnecessary usage of extra towels requires extra and unneeded washing and therefore a wasting of water and detergent.

Be courteous, considerate and respectful within the changing rooms. This relates to your conduct, behaviour, attitude, language, personal hygiene and appearance including nudity. For more information on the code of behaviours, code of conduct and your rights as a member, please see the terms and conditions and appendixes.


TMGA Sport Centre is a member’s club, however it will share it’s facilities as well as its changing/locker/washrooms with TMGA Academy, club activities and external/stadium events throughout the year. This will mean, that from time to time, it is likely to have children and young people using these facilities without parental support or supervision alongside adult members, guests, visitors.

Due to the nature of the changing rooms with shower facilities, and use by users of the swimming pool, the floor may be wet without notice. Please take care of slippery floors, and if you have any specific needs or concerns, then please do raise these with our staff and we will rectify or mitigate against these concerns.

No supervising adult should be in the changing room alone with a child(children).

It is imperative all members of the organisation and users of our facilities, including employees and volunteers, members, guests, parents and visitors, understand the individually harmful and legal consequences of child abuse and any breach of personal security, rights, safety.

We reinforce that such behaviour is illegal and will not be tolerated in any form

Anyone (including other children) sexually assaulting others or taking indecent images of children, including over/under adjoining cubicles, for example, renders themselves liable to arrest, prosecution and registration as a Sex Offender.

Adults are to be reminded to change in an appropriate fashion, and to be mindful especially when changing while children are also in the changing rooms.


  • Clean
  • Safe
  • Secure
  • We will follow up and concerns you may have and will try to accommodate your needs where we reasonable can.
  • We will seek out, and listen, to your feedback to help us change, learn and invest where we need to, to improve your experience or safety when without the Sports Centre.


Everyone should be made aware of what they should do if they have concerns about the behaviour of any other person in this context.

If anyone is suspected of taking images of children (or adults) in a state of undress, the facility manager or safeguarding lead should be informed immediately and the police consulted.


Local COVID-19 officer: Arpita Nakhwa

Designated Safeguarding and Child Protection Lead: Arpita Nakhwa

Sport Centre Manager: Vrundan Jadav

Sport Centre Reception desk and general number:

Police and Child Protection Numbers: